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Q&A, Guest art and Character poll!

We’re going to be getting some guest art!! It will be posted on the site weekly, in between all of our other extras that’ll be going up during the writing break! I’m really excited to show some of the artwork!

Character poll >

There is a public post over on my Patreon for you lovely folks to vote on your fave Fate characters! I’ll post the results next week! Link is here!


As always, when a chapter is finished, the Q&A is open! Leave your questions in the comments below, they’ll be answer throughout my writing break.

All the extras from this break are going to be left in even after Fate chapter 7 begins because of the confusion and weirdness the comment section does if I delete a page, but the questions will also be posted over on Tapas too!

Right I'm off, thank you for reading this chapter, really looking foreward to your votes and questions!

See ya, Folks!


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