Fate question + Update + London MCM

Some asked a question, so Strove begrudgingly answered it! The black pillars often seen littering the world are made from Black Glass and information on them is limited or lost, but supposedly they helped with "communications" Update on the next chapter: I am almost there, I promise, There were some delays because of Conventions (they went great!) and then I took an unplanned trip to Donegal to visit friends (also went great) I'm thumbnailing the last section of the chapter (which will be heartbreaking, hopefully) and I'm finishing the cover and going to get started on the first page. As always, finished art and WIPs will be posted on my Patreon first before being released to the public. Is anyone here in London? I'm going to London MCM in October! I am very excited and terrified as it'll be the first proper convention I've travelled overseas for since 2019, I am feeling quite rusty =_=

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