We need to talk.

I'm just going to get straight to the point:

From now on if I see anyone misgendering any of my characters in the comments sections, in any manner, that comment will be deleted AND if I see the same person continuing to do so, they will be blocked. I'm holding a no-tolerance policy on this.

If there is a character, new or old, you're not 100% sure about the gender, just use their name, or look at the character list page (that said this needs to be updated with the newer characters).

I am a queer woman, this is a queer comic and it will continue to be so. If this is something you don't click with, don't read my comic. End of.

The rest of you that this does not apply to, you're cool, I hope you win money on a scratch card <3

Right folks, see you next week,


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